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Warning: Google has the WRONG address for us

We operate a sanctuary for wolves in North Bedfordshire and support and raise funds for wolf conservation. Our wolves are fully socialised to human beings and enjoy human company.
Our aims are:

  • To educate and inform the public about wolves
  • To promote and support wolf conservation
  • To give people who would like to study or work with wolves the chance to do so

We are a non-profit organisation run almost entirely by volunteers. We operate as a wolf study group, not as a commercial attraction.

An adoption, membership or visit voucher can make an ideal Christmas or Birthday present.

We are not a zoo and our site is not open to the public but you can visit us simply by booking a visit. Please contact us for further details.

At the moment we have 2 wolves.

Come and visit us

Walking with wolves
..meet the real thing

 If you want to walk with real wolves there are currently only two places in England where you can do it, Bedfordshire (us here) and Reading.

Shadow-the-keeper visits

Now including a wolf-walk. Another kind of special, privileged visit.  Book a shadow visit or buy it as a gift for someone else. £125 per person. Contact us for info.

VIP Wolf-walk visits

Another kind of special, privileged visit.  Buy for yourself or as a gift for someone else. £200 per person. Contact us for info.

So you think you're a wolf expert

How good are you at recognising wolves ? Do you know a wolf from a dog ? Play spot the wolf and find out.

A Wolf Encounter

The return of our popular low-price wolf-visit.


You can book an observation visit for yourself or try our tutored photographic days. Please contact us for details.

 Buy a visit for someone else as a gift

You can buy a visit voucher for someone else as a gift. Why not give a VIP visit voucher. Please contact us for information.

  It's not a wolf? 

If you have been offered "wolf" activities such as "walking with wolves" or photography in the UK and you think the animals are not wolves but just dogs or wolf-dog crosses then please contact us.

 Sponsor a Karakachan guard dog in Bulgaria

In rural Bulgaria, Karakachan dogs are the best and easiest way to protect livestock from predators. They are only bred by the Bulgarian Biodiversity Preservation Society Click here to go into our online store, then click on "Sponsor a Karakachan puppy".

Thanks to YOUR generous support, we have already been able to send €1000 to them.

 Who else do we help?

The Anglian Wolf Society is a main sponsor of the Balkan Wildlife Society.Thanks to the generosity and commitment of our members we have, to date, been able to send over £27,000 to them to help wolves where wolves need help.Past donations include £2600 to help the Lithuanian group "Society for Nature -The Baltic Wolf" and over £800 to the veterinary faculty of the University of Sarajevo to support their wolf census work in Bosnia and Herzegovinia.

Looking for local accomodation?

The closest to us is the Garden Rooms B&B

The Garden Rooms B&B


Disclaimers :
  • We do not breed or supply "pet" wolves or wolf-dogs. Never have; never will.
  • Please don't ask us to supply you with wolves. We do not supply breeding or stud services and cannot supply you with wolves (even if we had any spare) unless you are connected with a recognised and appropriately licensed research organisation.
  • All the wolves in the care of the Anglian Wolf Society are owned by the Society and have never at any time been owned or kept by any nearby resident. Ownership of the wolves has never been in dispute in any way or at any time. No nearby resident or any relation of any nearby resident holds or has ever held any position or office within the Society.
  • The Anglian Wolf Society reserves the right to refuse admission and/or membership to any applicant without giving a reason
  • Please note that it is our policy never to take money for merchandise not in stock (or at hand, when we are off site). If you visited a show and ordered and paid for something you have not yet received then it wasn't us you ordered it from.