The Anglian Wolf Society is now closed for memberships and visits.

We have spent nearly seventeen wonderful years introducing thousands of people to our five hand-raised wolves and raising over £35,000 for Eastern European wolf conservation projects. It's now time for our last remaining wolf (Aiyana) to retire from public appearance. Her home is still with us and we will care for her until she dies naturally.

You can still buy an adoption of Aiyana for £39 by calling us on 0844 414 2120 with plastic in hand.

You can still book a personal observation visit to see her (not walk with her) but be warned, she is rather shy and won't necessarily come up to greet like the others used to.

The Society's two directors, Phil Watson and Caroline Elliott are still both active in wolf and canine matters.

Please see our facebook page for more information.

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Caroline's knowledge of the practical care and wefare of captive wolves and conservation matters is second to none and she is in demand as a speaker and consultant.

Phil has a work-based Post Graduate Certificate in Canine Behaviour and Dog Training from Middlesex University. With over 30 years experience of training and working with animals of all sorts, Phil is Britain's foremost expert on dog and wolf behaviour and very much the go-to person on these subjects.

Click here for information on the Balkan Wildlife Society whom we support:

For dog behaviour problems and training click here to visit Phil's website:

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If you need to contact us:

The Anglian Wolf Society, 24 Bedford Road, Wootton MK43 9JT (This is NOT our site address)
0844 414 2120

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Disclaimers :
  • We do not breed or supply "pet" wolves or wolf-dogs. Never have; never will.
  • Please don't ask us to supply you with wolves. We do not supply breeding or stud services and cannot supply you with wolves (even if we had any spare) unless you are connected with a recognised and appropriately licensed research organisation.
  • All the wolves in the care of the Anglian Wolf Society are owned by the Society and have never at any time been owned or kept by any nearby resident. Ownership of the wolves has never been in dispute in any way or at any time. No nearby resident or any relation of any nearby resident holds or has ever held any position or office within the Society.